Auction Settings
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This module will automatically generate an auction bid value based on your settings and the current auction bid and copy it to the clipboard.
You have to insert it into the bidding field and hit enter.
When starting fresh, the module will start in row 1 of the settings and with each consecutive bid, the module will use the next line.
When no bid was placed for a minute, the module starts again from the first row.
The module will calculate an addition value according to the first column and a multiplication value according to the second column and take the bigger value of the two
Auction Settings
the greener, the higher the chance for a hit:
čím zeleněší, tím větší šance zásahu:
Aztec Helper
Pomoc s Aztéky
You have lost a higher era unit (above your current era). However you still have the chance to heal them with diamonds!
Ztratili jste jednotku z vyšší doby (nad Vaší současnou). Nicméně stále ji můžete vyléčit pomocí diamantů!
Your army has only Rogues remining. Either heal units using diamonds or retreat!
Vaše armáda má jen Tuláky. Buď uzdravte jednotky pomocí diamantů nebo se stáhněte!


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