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During manual battle if the HelperBox gets in the way, this option temporarily hides the box until the battle is over. This only works with Helper 'As Box'
Hide helper during battle
How many elements should the Infobox display and save?<br>Empty or "0" means infinite.
Infobox Entry Count
Only available in the <a href="">separate extension</a>!!!<br>It has to be downloaded and added manually to the extensions.<br>It may not be used in conjunction with the regular Helper extension!<br><br>In the beta-version, errors are more likely to occur than on the released version! Please let us know about any found bug on Discord or Github! <br> Loading times for the extension may be higher than usual!<br> The game has to be reloaded in order to switch modes!
Load current Beta
Which buttons do you want in the menu?<br>Green: show button. Red: don't show button.
Menu Content
How many elements high should the menu be?<br>Empty or "0" means automatic height.
Menu Length
This is the position you have chosen.<br>Before you test the next position, wait until this message disappears.
This translation Translated FoE Helper/Extension
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Following string has different context but same source.
Translated FoE Helper/Extension
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