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Which FP producing GB should you upgrade next?
Welk FP producerend GG zou je eerst moeten verbeteren?
GB Investment
GG investering
Tracks, which of the recurring quests already gave diamonds
Recurring Quests
There is a limit of 2000 aborted quests per day.
Er is een limiet van 2000 afgebroken opdrachten per dag.
Quest name
This list shows for which of the quests the helper is sure you have already received diamonds - quests are listed here as open even if you have already received diamonds for that quest on another device or before this feature was activated. Since medals only show up as rewards if diamonds have been obtained before, the list will update after either diamonds or medals are obtained.
The FoE Helper is a free browser extension for Forge of Empires developed for players by players. The tool is not affiliated with InnoGames.
De FoE Helper is een gratis browser extensie voor Forge of Empires ontwikkeld voor spelers door spelers. De tool heeft <u>geen</u> officiële verbintenis aan InnoGames.
If you like what you see and what we do, please leave a good review in the Store!
Als wat u ziet en wat wij doen u bevalt, laat dan aub een goede beoordeling achter in de Store!
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